Friday, 29 March 2013

My blog has moved

I have moved my blog to a new place. It is now here:

I hope you will visit me there.


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chelmsford Rotary Young Musician 2013

Last night I took part in a music competition at the Cathedral in Chelmsford. There were twelve competitors and I was the youngest. There were three other pianists, four singers, one violinist, one double bass player, one guitar player and a clarinet.

I was the sixth to perform so I waited upstairs at the cathedral in a little room full of the clothes that the choir wear and read a bible... because I forgot to bring a book with me.

I played OK and the audience clapped a lot.

Then when the winners were read out I was pretty nervous, but luckily I won. I got a big trophy to keep for a year and a nice silver plate. Pretty cool.

Here is a photo of everyone.

This is a movie of when the judges told me that I had won.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Music Competition

I will compete in a music competition tomorrow evening in Chelmsford. It is going to be in the Cathedral so it will be fun. I hope that I can do well but the age limit is 18 so I am not sure if I am good enough yet. I will enjoy performing though.

Oldest Piano in the World

This piano was built in 1720 by an Italian instrument maker called Bartolomeo Cristoforo. He was the first person to make a piano with a hammer action that hit the strings. The way that modern pianos work is still very similar to this. He called the instrument "gravicembalo col piano e forte" which means harpsichord with soft and loud.