Thursday, 12 July 2012

Looking at Steinways

Today I went to the Steinway showroom in Marylebone Lane in London. I don't think my mum and dad can actually afford a Steinway, but they also sell Boston and Essex. I tried some Boston pianos and they were really good. The touch was in-between light and heavy and the sound was mellow. While we were in the store we met Julius Drake, he is a famous concert pianist. I think he was going to buy a new concert grand and he was really nice, he listened to me play the Boston. (He didn't even say I was rubbish). Oh, and we met a nice lady who was looking at the pianos with her grand daughter who was a black belt in Karate, I think...

After we had tried the Bostons we went to Chappells in Wardour Street. I tried a Yamaha C3XA and it was OK, but it didn't feel quite the same as the Boston.

Here is a link to the Steinway store.

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