Saturday, 21 July 2012

My next concert in Chatteris

Today I went to visit St. Peter & St. Paul's Church in Chatteris where I will be playing my next concert on September 1st. A nice lady called Katherine Childs has invited me to play there so I went to take a look at the church and try out the piano. Chatteris is in Cambridgeshire in the Fens (which were marshy and flooded before they were drained and made into fields) and the church is really beautiful.

It has some colourful stained glass windows and an amazing organ with huge pipes. I had a quick try out of the organ while I was in the church, but actually I was not so good... it looks like it is difficult but fun to play, there are a lot of different effects and sounds. The big pedal in the middle is the 'swell' pedal which makes the sound louder or softer. There are two keyboards and lots of pedals, plus more than about twenty different stops.

I tried out the piano in the church too, it is a Kawai and it sounds and feels very good to play. I have to start practising now! Here is a photo of me with Katherine Childs, who is an expert cup of tea maker!

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